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Scuba Diving Molokini Crater

Dive Sites

South Maui has some of the most incredible dive sites on the Valley Isle. We try to visit them all throughout the month. We are a dive operation that focuses on quality dives, and a complete high-quality experience. We strive to give our guests the best and most unique dives possible, but mother nature plays a huge role in that. So, every day is unique with Island Style Diving. We mix our dive sites up to make sure you are never bored with us. 


Our first dive is usually Molokini Crater unless we have another dive planned for the day. We dive inside the crater as its incredible visibility, abundant sea life, and beautiful coral makes it Maui's #1 dive site. We also dive the Back wall of Molokini at least twice a week. The second dive site is typically somewhere off the coast of south Maui, but we are known for sometimes doing double Molokini if requested. We also venture to the west side for some great dives as well. The Carthaginian wreck is one of our favorites to visit. Our Captain and owner Javier knows the best sites but feel free to request a site upon booking or when you come on board. No guarantees, but we strive to show you the best Maui has to offer. 


Scroll down and see some of the many dive sites we visit. Click on the "learn more" tab to read more about each dive site.  Click the "view our gallery" tab to see some of the amazing shots and videos captured in our adventures.  With many scuba diving sites to choose from, there is always a great dive spot to explore. We always want to give you the best possible experience, so we will choose sites with great conditions for the best underwater adventure.  Every day is a new Island Style Dive trip. So come on board and experience the best Maui has to offer. 

Molokini Crater 
TheBack Wall

Molokini Crater Backwall
Molokini Crater

A quick fifteen-minute boat ride away, the little volcanic islet of Molokini is Maui's #1 Dive site, and it's also our favorite destination. Molokini offers some of the most exciting and visually stunning diving Maui has to offer. With spectacular conditions, amazing visibility, and abundant sea life it is a must see destination. Find out why Molokini is our favorite dive site and see what it has to offer.

Blue Fin Jacks
Pelagic Manta Ray

Makena Landing and South Shore

Makena Landing

The South Shore of Maui has numerous dive sites with amazing sea life. Makena Landing, also known as Turtle Town, is one of our favorite destinations. With shallow water conditions, and great things to see, the South Shore allows us to explore the sites for long periods of time. Encountering Green Sea Turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays, caverns, reef fish, and numerous endemic species, the south shore of Maui has everything you'd like to see. Find out more of what it has to offer. 

Red Hill Maui
Green Sea Turtle
Makena Landing Caverns
Spotted Eagle Rays

St. Anthony Wreck

St Anthony Shipwreck

For a unique Maui diving experience, an exploration of the St. Anthony wreck will allow you a fascinating view into the construction of an artificial reef. You will be amazed at the number of fish that you will see around the wreck, as well as all the other beautiful marine life. The wreck is surrounded by another artificial reef system consisting of tires wrapped in concrete, giving eels, and octopus areas to hide. You'll also see schools of butterfly fish nest their eggs among the spread artificial reef.  It's also a fantastic place to do some Freedive training.

Freediver at the St. Anthony Shipwreck
Antler Coral at the St. Anthony

The Carthaginian Wreck

The Carthaginian Shipwreck

The Carthaginian is one of our favorite sites to explore. It sits at a max depth of 97 feet on a sandy seabed 1/2 mile off the coast of Lahaina. Normally only seen by the Atlantis submarine, The Carth is a fantastic site for those looking for a fun wreck to explore. Frogfish can be found all over the wreck, so keep a sharp eye out. Trumpet fish, sergeant major, orange spine unicorn-fish, rainbow cleaner wrasse and other small fish can be seen swimming about the ship. It is also possible to see turtles, sharks and eagle rays on this site. If we are lucky and time it right we can actually get to dive with the Atlantis submarine. There is usually a small current on the site, and it is about a 45 minute ride from the Kihei Boat Ramp so we don't go there on a daily basis. But if you request it upon booking we may choose to dive it that day. For a full history on the wreck click below. 

The Carthaginian Shipwreck
Divers at the Carthaginian Shipwreck

Aloha Reef

Aloha Reef on Maui

Created by Bill Monroe over 20 years ago, Aloha Reef is a wonderful dive site that only a few get to explore. Bill created a unique underwater destination here on Maui, dedicated to his daughter Dana. Unlike most dive sites on Maui, Aloha Reef is surrounded by Plate Coral ( Porites monticulosa) which forms overhangs, where Uluas and White Tip Sharks often rest and hide. At the bottom he created a small dedication to his daughter in the form of a bell and engraved plate. Each letter of "Aloha" measures over ten feet in height. They are formed using dead coral that Bill and his team brought using scooters, bags, and baskets over a 6 moth period of time. His goal was to have ALOHA visible from an airplane as his daughter Dana flew in. Although we never met Bill, we thank him for creating such a unique dive site for us to explore. Manta Rays, Big Eye Emperor Fish, Unicorn Fish, Goat Fish, and Sharks are often found at this unique dive site. Off the beaten path, we love to explore this one of a kind spot here on the Valley Isle. If you'd like to see this dive site, make sure to make a small request. Conditions must be right for us to venture to see the Aloha. Check out these great shots below. 

Dedication at the Aloha Reef
Manta Ray at Aloha Reef
Anchor at Aloha Reef
Plate Coral

La Perouse Bay

La Perouse Bay

La Perouse Bay is one of the most interesting natural sites on Maui. With adventures to be had on land and under the sea—there’s something to do for every kind of adventurer. Scuba Diving in La Perouse Bay is one of the most beautiful and desolate places around the island to dive. With stunningly beautiful waters and unique sea life, this site in known to have a pod of spinner dolphins residing inside the protected bay. If we are lucky we can hear them underwater and if we are blessed by Maui we occasionally have them pass through while we are diving! With Island Style Diving you are sure to be taken to best dive sites to encounter the wild beauty of Maui. Click Learn More to read about La Perouse. 

Long Nose Butterfly Fish and Cleaner Wrasse
Spinner Dolphins
Eel Hiding

World War 2

Hell Diver Wreck on Maui

During WWII the Navy, Marines and the Army all trained on Maui. Underwater demolition teams were trained off Kihei and amphibious maneuvers were practiced all the way from Maalaea to Makena. An airstrip on Maui’s isthmus was used to train carrier-based pilots. At least eight amphibious tractors (LVTs) and several airplanes were lost at sea. Find out more about the history that lies beneath. The best sites to see these artifacts are: Triple Anchors, Helldiver. and The Tank and Landing Craft

WW2 Anchor
Tank and Landing Craft Wreckage
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