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Makena Landing and South Shore

Makena is one of Maui's favorite dive sites. Also known as five caves it features numerous " caverns" where White Tip reef Sharks are often found. Another name for Makena Landing is Turtle Town, and rightfully so. Green Sea Turtles are a protected species, and in recent years they have flourished. Makena Landing, with its caverns, house dozens of turtles giving you a spectacular close encounter. The south shore offers numerous dive sites with similar conditions. Shallow, calm, and full of reef life. The south shore of Maui is the best place to see the endemic species Hawaii has to offer. From eels, to frog fish you never know what you're going to find on our gentle reefs. 

Makena Landing Caverns

Explore the Caverns

 Green Sea turtles, unicorn fish, octopus, and other endemic species are know to hang out in this shallow reef system. So dive in a see whats in there

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