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Scuba Diver at Triple Anchors Maui

At least eight amphibious tractors (LVT’s) and several airplanes (an F4F Hellcat, an F4U Corsair, an SB2C Helldiver, a PB4Y-1 Liberator) have been recorded in the waters along Maui’s coastline. Due to their condition or their depth, only a few are still diveable. Some that were found were fully loaded with machine guns, ammunition (including shells, bullets, and hand grenades), tools, mess kits, helmets, etc. and it is believed that these at least were accidental losses and not intentional post-wartime ditchings. Of course, they’ve been submerged for 80 years and the saltwater and waves have “changed who they are,” but some are still recognizable. These vehicles and objects sit in areas of open sand and act as artificial reefs for many fish and invertebrates, occasionally even bringing in curious large animals such as rays.

Blue Stripe Snappers at Tank and Landing Craft Wreck
LVT Footage
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