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Dive Team

Christina Cantellops

Christina Cantellops at La Perouse Bay

Christina Cantellops is Island Style's incredible lead guide and Javier's better half. Look no further than Christina as one of the best Divemasters on Maui. She has an extensive background in Marine Biology, is a P.A.D.I. Divemaster, U.S.C.G Master Captain, and Vice President of Sting J Maui Wetsuits and Apparel. As an Aquarist, Christina has worked for the North Carolina Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium, as well as the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium. Diving with sharks, rays, and every creature you can think of, she can discuss almost any underwater creature and talk to you about their habits and particularities. She has an incredible eye for detail, and is know for finding the rare creatures most divers miss. She has been working as an active P.A.D.I Divemaster here on Maui for the last 5 years, showing visitors and locals alike the beauty of the underwater world. With her extensive background in Marine Science she can help you find small creatures and tell you all about them. She is an incredible dive guide with a keen eye for nudi's, fish, and all things interesting. With years of incredible underwater encounters, she can entertain you with Whale Shark stories, Pelagic Mantas, and incredible Dolphin Encounters. As a Master Captain she can also take the helm and lead the day out on the water. 

Javier Cantellops

Javier Cantellops is head Captain and Master Dive Instructor for Island Style Diving. He is a P.A.D.I. Master Scuba Diver Trainer, P.A.D.I. Level Two Freediving Instructor, U.S.C.G Master Captain, Spearfishing Instructor, former Special Operations Airborne Ranger, and creator of Sting J Maui Wetsuits and Apparel. He graduated from Discovery Diving's 9 month Instructor program to become a dive professional. Teaching every P.A.D.I class, getting every certification, and gaining a massive amount of knowledge. His dive experience is not that of the casual professional. With a life's worth of harrowing stories and a decade of being a dive professional, Javier is experienced, knowledgable, and puts safety above everything that he does. Spending the last 7 years being a Master Instructor on Maui, he knows every dive site, has encountered almost every underwater creature, and can ensure you are diving properly, safely, and are having a lot of fun doing it. His dive life motto is "Safe, Fun, and in that order. If we can't do both, we aren't doing it". He brings his passion for life, Aloha spirit, and high energy charisma to every charter, making your Maui experience one of a kind. Feel free to ask him about some of his wild adventures, incredible underwater sitings, search and rescue stories, spearfishing tales, or war stories. You are sure to stay entertained with Javier at the helm. 

Javier Cantellops at Mala Wharf


John Grimes is our Island Style Diving Lead guide and Molokini expert. You will often see John looking for octopus, nudibranchs or on a scooter dive hoping to pass by some sharks or even a Whale! He has a keen eye for the small things, but is always checking the scene for open ocean pelagic life including rays, dolphins. John has over 20 years of dive experience, getting certified when he was 11 years old through Boy Scouts and quickly started diving across the world. Since John became an Instructor in 2019 he has lead thousands of divers through epic Molokini crater and enjoys sharing his love of the Hawaiian islands above and below water. When John is not on Pilikai he is often adventuring around Maui with his wife Maegan - learning about seashells and sea glass history, finding plants for their garden and looking for a delicious slice of pizza or poke bowl along the way! 

Logan Takemori

logan 1.jpg

Logan Takemori is a passionate water enthusiast who left California to pursue a fulfilling career in SCUBA diving. After arriving in Maui, he quickly achieved his PADI Divemaster and instructor ratings, demonstrating his dedication and skill.

Growing up in California, Logan developed a strong affinity for the water from a young age. Whether it was taking swim lessons as a baby or exploring various aquatic environments, he always had a deep connection to the sea.

Logan's first scuba diving experience occurred during a family vacation in Maui when he was 10 years old. This unforgettable encounter ignited his lifelong passion for exploring the underwater world.

As a member of the Island Style team, Logan is committed to sharing the ocean's wonders with others. With his PADI Divemaster and instructor qualifications, he aims to create memorable experiences for both visitors and locals. Logan's attention to detail and keen eye allow him to expertly guide divers through intricate marine ecosystems, showcasing the unique inhabitants and their captivating behaviors.

Join Logan Takemori on an underwater adventure and discover the beauty, tranquility, and fascinating marine life under his expert guidance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, Logan's genuine passion and meticulous approach will ensure an unforgettable SCUBA experience.



Isabel (Izzie) is Island Style's Divemaster, and our local Maui born and raised Marine Biologist.

You will meet one of Mauis most passionate ocean lovers, sharing her love for her home and the many animals she grew up admiring. Isabel has lots of experience in Mauis waters, and will take you on a grand tour of Mauis best dive spots.

She enjoys observing behaviorism on her dives and will point out relationships between hunting eels and predator fish, or a crab utilizing a sponge for protection, or even a mutualistic cleaning station.

She also is very fond of the endemic species that also call Maui home. She will gladly point out and identify the unique invertebrates or fish with excitement and appreciation for their rarity and exclusiveness.

Having dove all around the world, in French Polynesia , Indonesia, Philippines, she understands diversity and has experience with varying dive styles.

Home is where her heart is, and her love for diving started and continues here on Maui. Come dive with Isabel and let her share stories of the ocean she grew up with.


Dana is one of Island Style's Head Dive Instructors. She shifted from Colorado based whitewater kayak instructor to Maui island life 3 years ago. She has always been passionate about the environment. Participating in marine research in Turks and Caicos and Indonesia, she developed into a scientific diver and quickly after into a PADI specialty instructor. Her appreciation for the ocean spans from the tiniest leafy scorpionfish to sharks and whales, she takes pride in making every ocean experience special and enjoyable.


As a marine naturalist, she has keen interest in the relationships between animals and ecosystem and respect for the cultural significance of marine life in Hawai’i. When she’s not diving, she volunteers at Maui Ocean Center’s coral lab and at Hui O Ka Wai Ola, a non profit water quality testing organization. She makes it her personal mission to educate, advocate for and protect our oceans so all can enjoy it.




Introducing uscg 50 ton master captain Steve Tovar. Steve was a motorcycle mechanic for 10 years before switching careers  and acquiring his sea time up and down the west coast. from the rough waters of Alaska, to working on a research and development kite boat project out of San Francisco bay then out to the lanai ferry system here on maui. He has been working in the marine industry in the Maui waters for over 8 years and knows all the best dive sites south Maui has to offer!

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