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La Perouse Basy

This scenic bay is a recent creation in Maui’s geologic history. It is located well away from human development and the view from the boat is of a gorgeous, undeveloped Hawaiian mountainside. It’s a view not many visitors get to see. When you go diving in La Perouse Bay Maui, you will see an amazing variety of fish for its size, as well as schools of certain species such as goatfish and damselfish. A lava rock ridge full of crevices is the main attraction on this dive as it provides a protective habitat for all kinds of creatures. And in the finger coral reef adjacent to this ridge, we see many Hawaiian endemics (species unique to Hawaii) as well as numerous cleaning stations servicing the large population of fish. For as long as we can remember, a pod of spinner dolphins has often spent the day resting within the protected curve of this bay and sometimes we can hear their squeaking – and even see them – while diving.

La Perouse Bay Maui
Happy wild spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris, jumps free near a diving boat in the mi
White Margin Nudibranch.JPG
Juvenile yellow tail Wrasse
Imperial Nudibranch
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