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Molokini Crater Aerial View

Molokini Crater

Our expert staff will bring you unbelievably close to the natural beauty of Molokini and together we will attempt to find its natural wonders and hidden secrets. A volcano sitting on a deep bottom, and protected from the elements it almost always provides amazing diving conditions. Incredible visibility, low current, and being protected makes it a perfect place for underwater adventures. Deemed a Hawaiian Marine Preserve, Molokini features some of the most abundant underwater life seen on Maui. At Molokini is where we are more likely to see pelagic animals like manta rays or whale sharks. We may encounter Grey Reef Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Garden Eels, Giant Trevally Jacks, over 200 species of reef fish and on the right month, if we are blessed by Maui.. Humpback Whales!
Along with numerous small creatures and endemic species, it is also where you will see some of the healthiest corals Hawaii has to offer. Molokini is a spectacular dive site and Island Style's #1 stop.

Back Wall

Backwall of Molokini Crater

With over 300' of depth the Backwall is for divers with bit more experience 40 dives to ensure proper buoyancy and added awareness during the dive. Here you will find a gorgeous deep vista and steep deep drop off. The wall, sheer in places, drops vertically out of sight, even with the over one-hundred-foot visibility that is common here. Uncommon at other sites, pyramid butterflyfish hover in loose aggregations, black coral houses long-nose hawkfish and gobies; and orange cup coral blankets the shaded undersides of large overhangs. And just like on the inside of Molokini, anything can come in from the blue. The Backwall of Molokini is a Drift dive which is another reason we require a little more experience in order to be a part of this dive, as well it requires another crew member in order to have the proper surface support. For these reasons it is not a dive that can be done every day. Feel free to give us a call before booking if the Backwall is your must see to destination, and we will let you know if we have the possibility of going. 

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