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The Pilikai

Pilikai Boat

The Pilikai is our incredible dive boat, and we are extremely proud to show it off. It is spacious, comfortable, and comes with numerous amenities. Designed specifically for our Hawaiian waters, she is set for the most comfortable diving experience possible. The Pilikai features a freshwater shower, a marine head, and under-the-seat dry storage bins for your personal items. As well we are an official PADI dive vessel.

Although the boat can hold a maximum of 14 passengers, we normally choose to max our capacity at 10 so you will always have ample room and a more personalized dive with your professional guides. Although we can fit more people, we choose to keep our numbers small and intimate. Island Style Diving is truly set up for comfort. 

Comfort Island Style
Padi Dive Boat

We are proud to announce that Island Style Diving now operates Hawaii’s newest, Authorized PADI Dive Boat, the Pilikai, out of Kihei on Maui’s Southwest shore. Authorized PADI Dive Boats are considered the gold standard in the scuba diving industry, and we welcome you, your family and friends to join us aboard the Pilikai. Be confident in knowing the Pilikai, operating as an Authorized PADI Dive Boat, meets and exceeds PADI strict standards ensuring you have the safest, most enjoyable, and endlessly adventurous dive experiences on Maui. Island Style Diving offers PADI scuba and freediving courses, daily boat charters, night dives, scooter (DPV) dives, snorkeling adventures and whale watching tours (December – March).  So, step on board and let's have a fantastic time out on the water the only way we know how. ​ISLAND STYLE!

The Little Things that Matter

Snacks for the boat

We provide a nice assortment of delicious snacks, fresh baked goods, fruits, and a variety of beverages to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. 

A phone/camera charging station ensures your device is safe, dry, charged, and always ready for a great pic. As well as a sunglass holder and cleaning station. 

cell phone holder
State of the art equipment

Top of the line technology. The Pilikai features the best underwater Sonar to show you our best dives sites, with crystal clarity from the boat.

Hot water Shower! Step out of the water and be greeted by a hot water rinse off. It definitely makes the day a lot warmer and a lot more comfortable. 

Boat Cup Holder
Hot Water Shower

Cup holders through out the boat ensure your drink is always where you want it. We ask you to please bring your water bottle to help reduce waste.

Premium Dive Gear

Aqualung BCD, Oceanic Pro Plus 4 Computer, and Apeks regulator
Diver in our Sting J Maui Wetsuit

We spare no expense to give you a great dive experience! We feature new Apeks Regulators, Oceanic Pro Plus 4 air-integrated dive computers, Aqualung HD Pro BCDs and our very own Sting J Maui Wetsuits.

What to expect at
the Kihei Boat Ramp

Parked at the Kihei Boat Ramp

What to know

When you arrive at the Kihei Boat Ramp please park your vehicle either in the main paved lot on the far left or in the upper dirt parking lot. Please DO NOT PARK in the boat parking spaces down below. You can also get dropped off at the easy-to-spot picnic tables on the far right of the boat ramp. You should also know that there are public restrooms on the opposite side of the lot. You can use them prior to our departure. 

We are easy to spot


We will be parked with our beautiful Pilikai sitting on her new trailer, shining and ready to go. (Pictured Above). When you spot us, come on over and say Aloha. We will check you in, ensure you have your waivers signed, and put your personal dive gear on the boat. Then we will launch the boat, welcome you aboard, and get our dive trip started. We look forward to spending a beautiful day out on the water with you here on Maui. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or get turned around. Lets go have a great time,

Want to purchase a Sting J Wetsuit?
Visit our shop tab and you can visit Sting J Maui's website to see the full line of wetsuits, swimwear, and hats. 

Indigo Reef Wetsuit
Nova Core Men's Scuba Suit
Ape Pro Women's Wetsuit
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